In a breath-taking display of global star power potential, P-pop group SB19 proudly waves the Filipino flag on the world’s stage and stuns with a stacked-up victory on five Billboard Charts and Pandora chart appearances as they commence their third year in the music industry.

The past weeks brought unrest to their fandom, A’TIN, due to the recent changes in social metrics when Facebook and Songkick, in which the group proved to have shown a strong social media presence, were no longer included in the metrics. Billboard has yet to make an official announcement concerning this matter.

However, the unfathomable love and support of the fandom to the group was stronger than these challenges as the P-pop kings soared high and reclaimed a spot on Billboard Social 50’s Elite 5 for the first time this October, ranking 5th on their 45th week in the said chart. The group also bounced back to the Emerging Artists chart at #39 after falling off the ranks last week.

Further pushing out the bounds of what they can achieve, ‘Go Up’ seemingly played as their saving grace again when the group’s iconic single made its debut on LyricFind Global last week at #17 and skyrocketed to #2 this week, next to Lil Mosey and Lunay’s ‘Top Gone’. The song also made its debut on LyricFind U.S. this week at #9.

These two charts highlight the fastest momentum-gaining tracks in lyric search queries through LyricFind’s API, as a measure of music discovery and consumer interaction. LyricFind is one of the world’s leaders in licensed lyrics. Its data is captured from over 4,000 publishers and used by more than 100 services which include Amazon, Pandora, Deezer, Shazam, and iHeartRadio.

Meanwhile, the group also made its comeback in two Next Big Sound (NBS) charts - ranking #6 on Billboard’s Next Big Sound Chart and #9 on Pandora Predictions Chart, indicating that the group is one of the fastest-accelerating artists last week across all major social music sites, and is statistically predicted to achieve future success.

With these international chart achievements playing a vital role in making history, the home-grown idols have indeed set the bar high for P-pop groups in the country and Southeast Asia, bringing them one step closer to reaching their dream of global recognition, for both their group and for the P-pop genre as a whole.