The journey to drying the tears as one finds love that goes beyond this lifetime continues as ‘Hanggang Sa Huli’, the title track of SB19’s debut album, ‘Get In The Zone’ has wrenched Filipino hearts a million times, reaching over 1 Million Spotify streams last August 24, 2020. It is now their fastest track to reach the 1M mark on the said platform and with the most chart placements since release.

With its beautiful melody and words that are teleserye OST-worthy, it is indisputable as to why the song's trajectory is unstoppable. It has reached and dominated various music charts across the globe such as Spotify PH’s Viral 50 and Top 200, peaking at no. 30 and no. 82 respectively, placing first on iTunes Qatar, no. 4 on Deezer PH Top 100, and no. 162 on Apple Music (Philippines) Top 200 Songs.

According to SB19 leader and composer John Paul "Sejun" Nase, Hanggang sa Huli has the lyrics that is by far his favorite among the songs he wrote for their recently launched album comprising nine tracks in total. "The song is about true and unconditional love. It's about acceptance and I believe that love is true even when you didn't end up with the person that you love," Nase explained in their GITZ album teaser. He also emphasized that with the song, those who'll listen to it will realize that love is selfless; love is about acceptance; and love is eternal.

'Hanggang sa Huli' depicts concepts that strongly reflect the soul of OPM ballads, which made the track an even stronger contender against local favorites as it entered Spotify PH's OPM Hub - a wide selection of editor-picked playlists of the best OPM hits, including OPM Rising and Top Hits Philippines, which has over 3 million followers.

With this recent achievement unlocked, A'TIN is one with SB19 to strive more to make great strides toward their common goal - global recognition.