As their soulful music bear OPM across the roaring seas, SB19 surged transcendental heights as the first Filipino and Southeast Asian act to ever reach phenomenal peaks in Billboard’s artist charts as they ranked 2nd in Social 50 and 6th in Emerging Artists yesterday, August 11th.

Despite kicking off August with social metrics lower than July, the group eclipsed their previous peaks which were ranks three and seven in Social 50 and Emerging Artists respectively, proving their meteoric and inexorable rise to success.

Following the success of their debut album release last July 31st, the novel P-Pop boy group has been smashing records left and right as ‘Get in the Zone’ charted not only in the Philippines but also in 22 other countries – scoring number one in Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, the Philippines, and Hong Kong SAR. This resounding success amplified the buzz within the fandom as the excitement grew day after day, boosting SB19's prominence in all social media platforms.

With their relatively small fandom of almost 300k Twitter followers and over 700k Facebook likes, the unyielding P-Pop idols unprecedentedly ascended right next to formidable K-Pop stars, BTS, and have overtaken music giants such as EXO, Blackpink, and Billie Eilish.

The boys were left in awe after receiving the news while on-air to promote their album in one of the country’s largest radio networks. In their social media accounts, the group said that the feat was “hard to believe,” and thanked their fans for their support and unconditional love for their music. They also reassured A’TIN that they will remain as their fans’ “safe place, shoulder to cry on, happy pill, and reason to smile…”

Shortly after posting their message, all the group members took to Twitter their appreciation for their fans and engaged with them via a mention party or menpa - one of the many things they do to personally connect with their ever-growing fanbase. The short interaction alone generated over half a million tweets in just a few hours and their hashtag #SB19BillboardNewPeaks trended nationwide at #1, proving the power that this group holds, not only in Billboard charts, but also in social media which has greatly affected the current music landscape.