Bringing the Original Pilipino Music (OPM) wave closer to the west, SB19 continues its cruise in the Billboard charts as the group docks at a new harbour at No. 5 of the Emerging Artists chart today, August 18, while still bearing its flag marked with No. 2 for the Social 50 chart.

Last week, SB19 dropped its anchor on new ports of the Social 50 and Emerging Artist charts ranking #2 and # 6, respectively.

The group drifts on the torrents created by its debut album, ‘Get In The Zone’, released on July 31 and the traction it’s getting from social media as a result of their consistent official account updates and events, as well guestings/interviews. Since their album release, they have been featured in several local and international shows, including MTV Asia, which has further heightened their global presence.

For the week of August 8-14, SB19 recorded positive metrics in the Social 50 except for the increase in Songkick followers that recorded a decline of 29.9% from the previous week.The group, however, recorded new all-time highs for Twitter retweets at 1.6 million, and Wikipedia page views at 35,177.

SB19’s wharf in the Social 50 is in the middle of two mammoth seven-member groups, namely BTS at No. 1 and SuperM at #3. Meanwhile, in the Emerging Artists chart, SB19’s bunk is in the same row as City Girls, JP Saxe, Mulatto, and BENEE, who ranked 7th, 4th, 8th, and 5th in the previous week.

In a post shared across the group’s social media accounts, SB19 extended their appreciation to their A’TIN who have been with them along the way. Along with a graphic that read “SB19 x A’TIN Through Ups and Downs” was a message that read: “Thank you for being with us through ups and downs. Never forget that you have us like how you never get tired to remind us that we have you”.

Similar to Social 50, the Emerging Artists chart also considers the social media activities of the artists. However, the latter also ranks the top artists in America who have yet to hit certain criteria on the Billboard song and album charts, and also accounts for factors like song consumption and album sales.