With awe-inspiring passion, SB19 avows taking on the arduous task of being the torchbearers of P-pop as their method to introduce Filipino music to the global audience on MTV Asia’s Spotlight, heightening #SB19isPPOP's nationwide trend in Twitter PH in a bid to solidify the group’s stance in the music industry.

In their recent interview as MTV Asia’s Spotlight Artist, SB19 opened up about the struggles of a rookie group and how they were on the verge of “calling it quits” on their dreams. The Filipino idol group also explained the thought process behind the sequence of their single releases, as well as the tracks of their debut album. Members Stell and Sejun emphasized the importance of each song while Ken, Josh, and Justin felt a sense of nostalgia and recalled some of their fondest memories with the fans and co-members.

Towards the end of the interview, the boys were asked what’s on top of their bucket list. Sejun took the helm as he responded on behalf of the group and said, “one of the things that we really want to achieve is for Filipino music to be known all over the world. Filipinos are really talented and if we’re given the opportunity to show the world what the Filipinos could do, we’d show them that we’re beasts - we’re amazing people, beautiful people, and I think all Filipinos would agree to that,” and proceeded to seek assurance from his co-members who unanimously agreed with their leader.

A few hours prior to the airing of the interview, news swept the Twitterverse about a published article regarding SB19 being labeled as Kpop group. A’TIN were lightning-fast to call out the news outlet about the error, which was eventually revised a few minutes later.

Being no strangers to the power of social media, shortly after the callout, the hashtag #SB19isPPOP swiftly rose to the top trends of Twitter PH. According to the fans, the hashtag echoes SB19’s mantra, which is “to showcase P-pop as the foundation for OPM global recognition,” and the group never failed to mention this in almost every interview, press conference and articles that they participated or were featured in.

The battle for proper recognition is still far from over, but one thing is for certain - SB19 remains poised to carry the torch for P-pop and forge a path to artists who share the same dream: to bring forth a golden age in OPM and let the world know that Filipinos are “talented beasts”.