Although rookies to this scene, SB19 boldly took the stage in this year’s Youtube Fanfest (YTFF), stunning viewers and fans alike with their reinvented performances and never-before seen dance breaks of Love Goes and Go Up – rounding up their craft beyond expectations.

YTFF, a bevy of content creators, music enthusiasts, and all kinds of personalities took place on October 11, Sunday at 5 PM PHT/SGT and was broadcasted online around the world. Fans went crazy when they shared a glimpse of the country's flagship P-pop group's performance by dropping a video teaser on their official twitter page which garnered a staggering 614k views in just 4 days after its release.

The hype left no room for disappointment as SB19 started their performance by retelling the story of Love Goes through an exceptional routine, with an unprecedented dance break choreographed by their very own main dancer, Ken Suson. The song was remixed to emphasize the feeling of lamentation towards a passing of a loved one which the boys have perfectly captured through their movements and eerie makeup and styling, matching the song’s concept.

The dark heavy atmosphere was soon replaced with their bright and hopeful original song, “Go Up”. The charisma built by Love Goes progressed, upped by another powerful dance break, this time choreographed by SB19's main vocalist, Stell Ajero.

The P-pop boy group immediately trended number 1 in the Philippines and started at 21 worldwide. They skyrocketed to the 15th spot shortly after their last song, Go Up, which has left viewers in awe as they end the song with SB19's Josh holding a rope up high while the rest of the members attempt to pull it down.

SB19's performances have always been extraordinary and pleasing to the eyes, but the wardrobe and cinematography further amplified their act as it complemented the overall vibe of the songs. No member was put in the shade as each of their center parts were impeccably captured by the lens, their eyes speaking through our screens.

Joining them in representing the Philippines are Filipino folk-pop act – Ben&Ben, and pinoy creators such as Mimiyuuuh, AC Bonifacio, Ranz Kyle, Niana Guerrero, Erwann Heussaff, Fumiya/FumiShun Base, Ken San Jose, Natalia Guerrero, Raiza Contawi, beauty vlogger About Raf, and cosplayer and well-known gamer, Alodia Gosiengfiao.

Aside from local artists, top international YouTube stars are also set to grace the event, namely, Alex Wassabi, Merrell twins, Mike Chen, Matt Steffanina and many more.

With this stellar line up, the YouTube community and A'TIN alike enjoyed and took a respite from anxiety amid the deleterious effects brought about by the Coronavirus Infectious Disease (COVID-19).